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Recently, I have purchased caterpillar generators for my home and small business. While shopping online, I was faced with many choices of generators from diesel to industrial, and even portable gen sets. However, I have chosen diesel generators because I am convinced that these units are sufficient for my preferences and needs. Diesel generators are very popular among home owners and owners of small businesses. I think this is primarily because of the fact that they are very easy to maintain and are cheap to run. A diesel genset is easy to find and has a low fuel consumption.

Know Your Preferences And Needs Before Buying Diesel Generators

Since a genset is normally expensive, I had to compare products and know the available models that could suit my needs. My primary purpose of buying generators is to have an emergency source of power during blackouts. I also considered the portability of the units and the type of power supply installed in my home. I have noticed that some diesel power generators are suitable for home use, while some are designed for commercial use. In purchasing a diesel generator, I also noted about how silent I wanted it to be. I need one generator at home and one set as a standby power backup for my small gadget shop, so I needed quiet generators. I have learned that air-cooled generators produce more noise compared to liquid-cooled units. Luckily, generators from Caterpillar operate with less noise compared to other brands. The amount of sound being produced by a generator set must be taken into account when purchasing.

Consider Safety And Efficient Operation When Choosing A Generator

Similar to any kind of electrical equipment, you need to consider safety when buying caterpillar generators for sale. An automatic shut-off setting and low oil-pressure are standard on modern generators. For lower-capacity gen sets like portables and small residential sets, air cooling is sufficient and practical. However, as you need more power, your engine will need a more powerful cooling system for efficient and safe operation. It is also important to take note that an air cooling system is normally less complicated to install compared to liquid-cooled units.

Consider Power Capabilities In Choosing A Generator Set

I have also learned that one of the most crucial factors to consider in choosing new or used caterpillar generators is whether or not they can produce enough electricity to power up everything that you need. From 120V 1-phase for basic appliances to 208V 3-phase and more, it is completely necessary to choose a generator that can provide enough and steady electrical supply for your needs. I also recommend taking into consideration your portability needs. I admit this is a basic factor to consider, but I have observed that there can be vast distinctions between installed backup gen sets to portable types.

Understand The Price Range Of Generators

1274721192_95777269_2-Pictures-of-GENERATORS-PROVIDER-1274721192With Caterpillar generator units ranging from several hundred of dollars to thousands of bucks, price is a primary factor to consider when choosing a unit. Portable units are typically less costly and the industrial generators are the most expensive. Be sure to buy only a generator that is sufficient for your needs, unless you want to spend money on a wattage capacity that you might not need or wish to accommodate for future need.

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