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I have two Champion inverter generators, which I use not only as emergency power source for my home but also for outdoor recreational activities like RV trips, out of town camping and tailgating. In browsing online, I have noticed that these generators are available in varied prices and sizes. The size of the gen set corresponds to the wattage you need for your household. The lower watt units can run smaller items such as small light fixtures, TV, and medium to large appliance while powerful units can almost provide electrical supply for the whole house.

Propane Portable Generators Are Important During Power Outage

Propane-fueled Champion generators with around 4000 to 5000 watts can usually run important appliances during a power outage. This includes lighting fixtures, refrigerator, and possibly a security system. I highly recommend buying a propane generator with about 25% higher wattage than needed, so you can have spare power just in case. This is ideal, especially if you will purchase important appliances in the future that need to be operated during a power outage. I have also noticed that starting appliances require more wattage compared to steady operation. If you need to use several appliances simultaneously, then you can add up the wattage required to switch them on. This will provide you the estimated wattage you need, on top of other items that you want to run.

Buy A Portable Generator When You Don’t Need It

I recommend buying portable propane generators when you don’t need it. I have noticed that many individuals only purchase them during a power outage. Getting one ahead of time will provide you the chance to prepare yourself and your household during the time comes. You will also have enough time in choosing the best generator that is suitable to your preferences and needs. Propane generators are affordable and wonderful way of powering your home in case of emergency power outage. They are usually less expensive compared to a fixed power supply and there is no need to install them or connect to a primary power supply. Portable generators also have high portability. Propane is also available everywhere and their price is cheap. This is a convenient and affordable solution during times of power outage.

The Risks Of Propane Generators Portable

I would like to caution you about the risks of propane generators. I have learned that these units can emit higher amount of carbon monoxide compared to the exhaust of the car. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that has high toxicity level. You cannot feel its presence making it more dangerous. Installing a generator properly will keep your household safe from carbon monoxide.

Things You Can Do To Minimize Potential Harm

electric-generatorsIn installing portable propane generators for home use, it is best to install the unit several meters away from your home to make sure that the fumes will not reach your home during use. You must also close your doors and windows during operation. This is particularly crucial if you have small children and pets inside. You can also install a carbon monoxide in your home. You can do regular maintenance to make sure that the unit will work properly during emergency.

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