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I am happy that I have Troy Bilt generators whenever I need an emergency power source when the normal electricity supply is down. I also find these generator sets useful for construction and camping sites, especially if you are camping out in a remote area where electricity is not always available. I always bring along a portable generator whenever I visit these places. Generators can be used to power up appliances, equipment and electrical tools. It is crucial to know how to select a portable gen set, since it requires wide understanding especially if you don’t have enough technical background.

Consider The Wattage In Choosing Portable Generators

One of the first things I have learned when I needed to choose a generator set is to consider the required wattage. Appliances such as refrigerators, TV, electric stove, oven and lighting fixtures require a specific amount of power in order to run. You can find the specific wattage on the appliance. I recommend calculating the wattage first. For example, a ceiling fan has 70 to 75 watts and a compact fluorescent bulb requires 10 to 20 watts.

Make Sure To Choose A Generator That Can Run Your Appliances At Home

It is good to know that Troy Bilt portable generators are suitable for varied power-consuming appliances. If you don’t know how to calculate the wattage requirement, you can look for a website that offers an online calculator. A portable generator with 3000 to 40000 watts capacity can provide enough supply for a small house that requires 4 to 5 lighting fixtures, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV and a simple alarm system. Meanwhile, if you need more, you can choose to buy Troy Bilt generators 8000 watt. I don’t suggest buying a generator with higher wattage that what is needed, since it will use more fuel.

Buy Fuel Efficient Generators For Your Home

I recommend Troy Bilt generators 5550, because these are mainly fuel efficient. It can normally provide 10 hours of steady power with full tank diesel. I encourage you to choose a genset that offers maximum hours of electrical supply using less fuel. Bear in mind that the gas cost is the largest expense included in operating a home generator. There are also propane generators. It is ideal to check prices of local fuel and decide which kind of fuel is more economical for your needs.

Consider The Unique Features Of A Generator Set Before Purchasing

4114648_DXGN7200I highly recommend Troy Bilt generators with wheels, since those are easier to lug around. I find some generators with high wattage and they cannot be moved to another place easily. You must check the portability and weight of the generator, especially if you will use the unit in a camping or construction site. You must also consider the availability of Troy Bilt generators parts. I have also noticed that some portable generator sets are not designed to operate complicated electronic equipment such as PC units and water pump. If you need to use your PC during a power blackout, you must make certain to get an inverter generator.

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